Miley Cyrus Explains Why the Bangerz Era Wasn't a Phase

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Miley Cyrus took some time to hang out with Hollywood Hamilton before kicking off KTUphoria at Jones Beach. The 24-year-old singer/songwriter is kicking off a new musical era with her hit song 'Malibu,' which was inspired by her fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Though Miley didn't talk about her love life too much, she was rocking her vintage Neil Lane engagement ring during the interview. 

One of the best parts about performing 'Malibu,' Miley said, is that it makes her feel like she's back home. Since she's starter her promo tour, she hasn't been back to Malibu in a while. KTUphoria is the best place for her to sing the soft rock track because it's right on the water.  

Miley was rocking an all white ensemble, which has become her signature look recently. She called the all white look her new vibe and feels it reflects her true self. "If the main thing you preach is to be yourself, then you have to be yourself," Miley revealed. She's "not hiding" behind unicorn onesies anymore. The multi hyphenate performer is leaving the over top theatrics behind her, aiming for a more raw, authentic approach to her music. Yes, that means she won't be sliding down any gigantic hot dog props during her live shows anymore. “I never use the same hot dog twice," Miley joked, adding quickly "except my boyfriend.”

For many, her transformation might seem like a sudden and stark turn around from the vibe of her previous album 'Bangerz.' She's even experienced some backlash for leaving the hip hop genre behind her so quickly. When asked by Hollywood Hamilton if the Bangerz era was a phase, Miley says it definitely wasn't. It just happened to be the 4 year anniversary of her song 'We Can't Stop' and Miley said she's still excited about the work she did on Bangerz. Just because she's changing up her sound, Miley explained, doesn't mean she isn't proud of the music she produced on Bangerz. 

Miley also opened up about her involvement with the One Love for Manchester concert Sunday. She said she believes that whatever Ariana does next musically will be a reflection of the difficult time she's been going through since her Manchester concert. "She's experienced something not many other people have," Miley said. "Who cares if you have a great voice? You have to be a great person."

Miley will be returning to NBC's The Voice next season, as well. She's bringing her dad Billy Ray Cyrus on as a mentor to help her acquire more country singers so she can compete with Blake Shelton. She believes having her dad on her team will give her the edge she needs to win. He’s been "the best mentor" for her. and we can all see how successful she's become over the years.

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