Shaggy Weighs in On Sean Paul Calling Out Drake

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Shaggy and Omi sat down with Lulu y Lala at KTUphoria to talk about their new collaboration. Shaggy reveals their good rapport with each other definitely lends itself to making music together. They're excited about their project, as well as loving where they are in their own individual careers. 

Shaggy and Omi also addressed Sean Paul calling out Drake for using dance hall music in his songs. Paul claims the "Fake Love" singer appropriates Jamaican culture without credit in his music. "I like it. I like the fact that Drake does dance hall music." Shaggy said, adding that "if you're the guy on the side line looking at the guy winning, that mean you ain't doing enough. You ain't doing your s**t right. That's how I look at it. If Drake wants to do 10 million reggae songs, let him do it. To me, it makes it bigger." 

Shaggy told a story about a little kid who came up to him at KTUphoria asking him about his iconic song 'It Wasn't Me.' He revealed that the secret to making music that lasts through generations is to make something that connects with people. Shaggy even gave some advice to men who don’t know how to talk to women and it's pretty simple. He says they should learn how to sing. 

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