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When it comes to my mani/Pedi's, it's pretty safe to say that I don't like taking risks. You can bet that I'm gonna have a neutral color on both my hands and feet about 99% of the time. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate people who DO like to take risks and now more than ever, people are expressing themselves more and more by having a funky nail color and design on their nails! 

Sinful Colors is always on trend and has collections for everyone; from chic chicas, to bayou babes and desert divas, their nail colors make it easy for you to have a little fun and take some chances with your nail art! One thing that I found so cool and funky? Their glow in the dark polish! Not just for Halloween, you can wear this polish solo or layer it with other colors for a bright pop when you're out at night!  

Today only for KTU listeners, follow Sinful Colors and KTU, comment with #iheartthis and we will send you a bottle of their glow in the dark polish today!  

Head here for more info on Sinful Colors!

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