Watch Nicole Kidman Make Kit Harrington Seriously Blush

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James Corden had a star studded couch on Tuesday night's episode of The Late Late Show. The British funnyman was joined by actors Nicole Kidman and Kit Harrington. Things took a turn for Harrington when he started talking about moving in with his Game of Thrones co-star slash girlfriend Rose Leslie. After telling a sweet story about their new home together, Kidman made Harrington seriously blush when she asked if the couple was going to get engaged. 

Harrington immediately turned bright red and started blushing after the Big Little Lies actress bluntly asked "Are you going to get married?" Corden, obviously delighted by the awkwardness, started cracking up. It looks like Kidman isn't afraid to ask the tough questions in interviews. Check out the hilarious exchange below:

That wasn't the only big moment of Harrington's interview, either. He also revealed that he met Ed Sheeran at a urinal. "Sometimes a guy comes up next to you and sort of does a double-take," Harrington explained. "and then he looks back forward and then he looks at your dodger and then he looks back at you and says 'Are you Jon Snow?' That was Ed Sheeran." 

Who knew Jon Snow was so funny IRL? Guess he does know something, after all. 

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