Cleveland Police Department Gives Out Free Ice Cream

The Cleveland Police Department is rolling out the newest addition to its fleet of vehicles, but this one doesn't have flashing lights and you won't see a felon riding in the back. That's because it's an ice cream truck – and it's driving around town handing out free ice cream to residents.

The free frozen treats are part of Cleveland's "Safe Summer 2017" initiative and is intended to help residents, especially kids, enjoy a safe summer. It also helps to build a more positive relationship between residents and police officers.

 The police department's "Let's Chill Together" truck is loaded up each day with ice cream donated by local businesses. It then drives around neighborhoods looking for people who look like they could use a cool treat.

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NFL star quarterback Cam Newton founded a charity group that helps kids – and one of the ways Cam raises money for his group is to host a yearly celebrity kickball tournament.

This year’s tournament was this past Friday and featured appearances by more than 400 guests, including his teammates and other celebrities such as Michael Strahan, who hosted the event.

Even though the game of kickball is – supposedly – a kid’s game, it was highly competitive, which makes sense because so many of the players on the field were professional athletes.

 Everyone involved had fun and the event – along with an auction – raised lots of money for the Cam Newton Foundation

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