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Do you guys remember in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" how they used Windex on everything? In our family, it's Vapor Rub. Legitimately, anytime I call my mom and ask for her help with a problem, she says to put vapor rub on it! I told her I was losing my voice and sure enough, she recommended it AGAIN so I went to my store and found an even better option from Maty's Healthy Products!  All of their products are natural, organic and made with whole food ingredients that come from Mother Nature!  Because Maty's Healthy Products are all natural, there are no harmful side effects or drug interactions but you have to try them for yourself!  

I've been having a rough time with my cough and cold so I tried their organic cough syrup and felt like my throat felt better almost instantly! As always, check with your own doctor before trying anything new, but if you've ever wanted to try an organic line, this is the one to start with!  

Today only for KTU listeners, Maty's Healthy Products is offering a product bundle to some of our lucky listeners! Just head over to instagram, follow KTU and Maty's, comment with #iheartthis and you could be a lucky winner today!  

To find out more about Maty's Healthy Products, head here today!  



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