How To Get A-List Celebrity Engagement Rings For Less

Celebrity engagement rings are definitely what we all aspire to have.

 From Kim Kardashian to Pippa Middelton, we are obsessed with the sparkling diamonds on their fingers. Well what if we told you that you could buy those rings, but for so much less! SuperJeweler, has you covered with fantastic rings that look exactly like what your favorite A-list celebrity is wearing! Just take a look below 😍


Kim Kardashian may look like she has it all, and now you can too. Her infamous ring from her husband, Kanye West, is a must-have! It is definitely a classic look and more importantly you can get it for more than half the price of Kimye's. 

Estimated Retail price: $2,500,000.00 SuperJeweler price: $4,999.99

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Then of course we have the lovely Pippa Middleton! Wouldn't we all want a ring that looks like hers? This gorgeous ring with a brilliant center diamond in white gold is a must have and the sparkle on this one.... WOAH!

Estimated Retail price: $222,690.00 SuperJeweler price: $2,499.99

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are as perfect together as the ring on her finger. Now you could get the perfect ring for your girl without paying a ridiculous amount. 

Estimated Retail price: $500,000.00 SuperJeweler price: $7,999.99

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Miranda Kerr is looking gorgeous showing off that shiny ring. This engagement ring is so beautiful and now you can have something similar thanks to SuperJeweler!

Estimated Retail price: $100,000.00 SuperJeweler price: $5,999.00

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Kate Upton looks absolutely stunning in this photo with Rita Ora. Did you see that diamond on her left ring finger though? That ring definitely is stealing the spotlight in this already star-studded photo! 

Estimated Retail price: $1,500,000.00 SuperJeweler price: $4,499.99

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Amal Clooney is a woman in charge, and she has a ring that proves that. Now you can also be rocking a ring that looks like this one! 

Estimated Retail price: $750,000.00 SuperJeweler price: $2,399.99

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Serena Williams knows how to work it on the court and now off the court with her sparkling engagement ring! With this kind of ring, you are sure to be turning heads! 

Estimated Retail price: $2,000,000.00 SuperJeweler price: $2,999.97

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If you can look past the adorable dog, it's hard not to look at Natalie Portman's beautiful ring. This very elegant look is exactly what you've been looking for.... and the price is perfect too! 

Estimated Retail price: $35,000.00 SuperJeweler price: $2,997.99

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