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I don't get to wander the mall like I used to before I had kids, so now, if something stops me in my tracks it has to be pretty exciting. I was in Nordstrom the other day by the beauty counters and saw a packet that promised to smooth wrinkles with silicone patches in a non invasive way and I was sold! Hey, it's worth a try, right?  Especially since after I had my c-section my doctor had me use a silicone sheet to hydrate my skin and reduce the appearance of the existing scar AND IT WORKED. 

Wrinkles Schminkles are silicone sheets designed to prevent wrinkles in your most prone areas; under eyes, neck, decolletage, and forehead. You apply the sheets before bedtime and by placing the 100% medical grade patch on your skin, it brings blood flow to the surface which stimulates collagen (that's the good stuff that helps visibly soften wrinkles) and it all goes down while you're sleeping! There's even a morning after glow serum you can use to feel refreshed and confident! 

Want to find out more about Wrinkles Schminkles? Head here! Want to try the system for yourself? Today only for KTU listeners, follow KTU & Wrinkles Schminkles on Instagram, use #iheartthis and you could win one of their Chest Smoothing kits today!

This is the result of wearing it for one night only! You have to try it to believe it. Buy now // Shop link in bio

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