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Alright girlfriends...the time has come to ditch the dingy gym bag and upgrade to something stylish AND affordable! I am not a fan of transferring bags; you end up forgetting things and then when you need it most, it's not there! If you're constantly on the go like I am and like to fit a workout in when you can, but also need to look presentable, you have to check out the new bags from SOL and SELENE.  

SOL and SELENE bags are structured to compliment your lifestyle and they take their name literally- from Day to Night! There's a bag for every personality; whether you are a fan of the crossbody, backpack, handbag or yoga bag, it's like they thought of everything you might possibly need to go about your day and packaged it up in one awesome package! I especially love the backpacks and the runway bags that come equipped with a special compartment for your laptop AND a space to put your sweaty clothes after a workout! 

Today only, for KTU listeners, follow KTU and SOL and SELENE, comment #iheartthis and you could be the winner of one of their rockin' All Star backpacks today! 

To find out more or to purchase a bag of your own, head here today!

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