Pet Owners Get Reunited With Cat After 12 Years

Pet owners know that there's no greater feeling of relief than when a missing pet is finally found. Imagine the relief you'd feel if your pet was found 12 years after it went missing?

Freda Watson of Winnipeg, Canada, finally has her cat, George, home after he ran out her front door 12 years ago.

She thought she had lost him forever, but last week he was brought in to the Winnipeg Human Society by someone who found him walking around in the street.

 Freda couldn't believe it. The next day she went to the Humane Society to reunite with George and didn't know if he would even remember her. She says, "As I went to the kennel and pet him, he sniffed me, and all of a sudden he was just rubbing up on me like he remembered me. I carried him in my arms, and he put both his paws around my neck as if he was hugging me."

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