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I thinks it's safe to say that all snacks are not created equally...especially when you're trying your best to stay on track. Just because you want to eat well, doesn't mean you have to compromise taste! And, not all people like to eat protein bars, so I found a solution for you! Chudabeef is locally produced beef jerky from Long Beach, California that's gluten free with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Since it's made in smaller batches, you can count on a more consistently flavored jerky that's not only tasty, but each bag also boasts over 24g of protein! 

With a wide range of flavors like Hawaiian, Garliyaki, Hot & Spicy and Original, you're sure to find one that you love AND there's even a monthly subscription service to keep your jerky addiction in check!  

As the Chudabeef people say, they didn't invent beef jerky, they just perfected it! Today only for KTU listeners, Chudabeef is offering 15% off your order using the code 'iHeartThis'

For more info on Chudabeef and to purchase, just head here today!



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