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I think all mama's are pretty brilliant, but there are some mom's who take it to the next level. There are so many things I've "invented" in my head, but never got around to doing and I know I've had some million dollar ideas!  When Asher started teething, I was looking for anything that would soothe him to help ease the pain; he was even grabbing onto his little feet and shoving his toes in his mouth like a little Buddha baby!  That's when I discovered TEETHING TOES. 

Teething Toes was created by a mom for her babe at the most uncomfortable time (let's be honest, it's pure hell) and it's been a lifesaver for me ever since! Teething Toes are socks with a soft, 100% medical grade teether attached at the end to help your baby self soothe when they hurt the most. Teething Toes are soft, safe and easy to clean plus they kept Asher busy while relieving his pain!  If you're going through teething, I feel your pain... and your baby's! 

Today only, for KTU listeners, you can get 30% off Teething Toes at their site here! Teething Toes are also available at Amazon, but be aware, the discount only applies on the Good Baby stuff site! 

Teething Toes are a great gift idea for new mommies or mommies to be, pick yours up today! 

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