How to Get a Free Ice Cream Cone at McDonald's This Weekend

Are you ready for the best news ever?!?! McDonald's is offering a very special deal this weekend that allows customers to get a free ice cream cone. The delicious fast food restaurant is promoting their brand new soft serve recipe that gets rid of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, which is pretty exciting. Who doesn't love ice cream you don't have to feel bad about eating?

So, how do you get your hands on this free ice cream cone? Well, it's actually pretty simple. The special deal is for Sunday, July 16th and ice cream lovers simply have to download the McDonald's mobile app. On Sunday, make sure you check out the offer under "my deals."  You can redeem the offer at a drive-thru or inside a restaurant, you get the free ice cream! 

Sunday just happens to be National Ice Cream Day, so it's truly perfect timing! If  you're feeling a little down this week, McDonald's have you covered there, as well. If you tweet them with the hashtag #SoftServe, they'll hit you back with a good 'ole fashioned compliment. 

Thanks, McDonald's! Ice cream and compliments is just what we needed this week. 

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