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The time has come ladies to say goodbye to those old, washed out pj's and hello to a sophisticated way to sleep. I remember, it used to be cute to wake up in my man's t-shirt and boxers, but at this time in my life, I'm looking for a little luxury to get me ready for the most exciting part of my day- GOING TO SLEEP! I had a friend years ago who introduced me to Recliner and I've been a fan ever since... Recliner is a sleepwear line of robes, pj pants, tees and gowns built around the philosophy that style should never be compromised for comfort!  

Their stylish sleepwear is made out of the most yummy, breathable fabrics (think japanese satin and bamboo jersey that you will literally want to LIVE in) but also, durable enough to wear everyday and can easily be tossed in the wash to compliment your busy lifestyle! Recliner sleepwear's incredibly unique designs will have you ready to entertain guests on the weekends and still look chic or rush out to hand your child their lunch they forgot without looking like a big ol' mess! A great gift idea for moms, anniversaries, birthdays, bride- to- be, bridesmaids and more, any woman would be thrilled to add a little Recliner to their sleepwear rotation.  Let's just put it this way; Katy Perry recently wore Recliner's signature newspaper print pj's while promoting her new album Witness on Youtube! Not only did she look fabulous, but she wore them for almost 24 hours so you know they had to be comfortable!  

Today only, for KTU listeners, head to sign up for their newsletter to get 15% off your order and you'll also be qualified to win a $500 gift certificate to use on the site! Doesn't get much better than that!  

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