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It seems like there's a whole lot of negativity in the world; anytime you turn on the tv you hear the news and even though things might not directly affect you, you still take in that energy! We can all use a little pick me up, (whether you are going through something or not) and a little positive affirmation never hurt anyone!  Wear your inspiration on your wrist with MantraBand to remind yourself that happiness, peace, strength and love still do exist in this world! 

Mantrabands are simple, elegant bracelets that come in silver, yellow gold or rose gold, with an uplifting message to promote your lifestyle of optimism and positivity. When you need a little inspiration, you simply look at your wrist and remember things aren't all that bad!  With messages like "You got this", "Warrior", "Live in the moment", "Good Vibes" and so many more, you can be remind yourself or the ones you love how important it is to take a deep breath and to keep moving forward!  Mantraband even has necklaces and a mens collection; these are great gift ideas if you have a loved one headed to college or a BFF who needs a little pick me up!  

Today only, for KTU listeners, head over to Instagram, follow KTU and MantraBand and you could be the lucky winner of a $50 gift card!  To find out more info and to order MantraBand, head here!  

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