New Romeo Santos Song To Play In-Sync With Empire State Building Light Show

On Thursday July 20th at 10pm, we will be playing Romeo Santos' new song: "Carmin" on KTU in sync with a light show at the Empire State Building! 

Romeo, who was born and raised in the Bronx, will be the FIRST Latin artist to have a light sync music show. Being from the area Thursday is going to be an extra special night. In addition to this honor, Romeo will be 'flipping the switch' to turn the tower gold in a ceremony to honor his partnership with Notes For Notes. This non-profit organization is involved with after-school facilities to offer youth the ability to create and record music for FREE. Romeo is the first Latin Ambassador for the organization and is therefore excited to use this light-show to directly reach the Latin community including his alma mater: Morris High School. 

So don't miss the incredible light show at the Empire State Building, to be choreographed to Romeo Santos' new song "Carmin" featuring latin superstar Juan Luis Guerra on KTU! 

Also be sure to check out his new album "Golden" available on Friday, July 21st! 

To re-see the music-to-light show, go online at the Empire State Building’s Facebook page or ESB's YouTube channel to view it again!

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