Demeter // iHeartThis

Choosing a fragrance can be a pretty personal decision and Wendy Wild (our mid-day girl) and I bonded over our love of all things that make us smell good! I'm a big fan of citrus and clean scents, while Wendy likes sweet florals. See the difference? Demeter Fragrance Library has been creating unique scents inspired by everyday objects and experiences; it's family owned and operated and their fragrances are batched by hand right here in the USA! Demeter wanted to make things easier for those of you who are a little "scent challenged" so their new Zodiac Collection takes the guess work out of it for you! 

These unisex fragrances are designed to reflect specific traits, energy and strengths of each particular sign and you can enjoy them individually or layer them with other signs! Demeter Fragrance Library even tells you which signs work best together and the scents are packaged beautifully in elegant, Italian glass bottles and come packaged in a crisp white carton that's perfect for gift giving to your bestie or as a host gift! 

Check out the Zodiac Collection from Demeter Fragrance Library today and get inspired!



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