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After the weekend I just had with my best friend, it would probably be wise to cleanse all of these toxins out of my system! When I lived in Williamsburg, I was so stoked to walk home one day only to notice that a Pressed Juicery popped up in my neighborhood. Pressed Juicery has one mission in mind when it comes to their customers: making high nutrition a realistic option for all people! The difference is in how their juices are made- by cold pressing, you get all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes you're supposed to be getting for the best tasting, freshest and smoothest juice!  

Pressed Juicery never adds any sugar, sweeteners, fillers or preservatives to their juices and with overnight delivery in most places, there's no excuse for you NOT to want to incorporate their juices into your diet! If you can't find a way to get in all of your greens or you simply love the taste of green juice (like me) Pressed Juicery is the way to go! There's so many other choices to choose from too;  there's root, citrus, fruit and signature juices as well as their limited edition selections as well! 

If you're looking to do a cleanse, always check with your doctor first. Once you get the go ahead, go to your nearest Pressed Juicery or order online here!

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