Justin Bieber's Manager Begs Fans To Understand Tour Cancellation

Justin Bieber’s cancellation of the Purpose World Tour is a mental health break.

That’s the word from his manager, Scooter Braun. He posted a lengthy message to Instagram addressing Justin’s betrayal to his Beliebers.

Scooter wrote,  “On behalf of myself, Justin, and the team, we are sorry. But a man’s soul and well being -- I truly care about -- came first. We must all respect and honor that.”

Billboard magazine calculated Bieber's schedule. The Purpose World Tour spanned 480 days, but for 330 of them Bieber had the day off. Practically an entire year of free days! For the past six months, Bieber performed just once every five days. Yet, this relaxing work schedule had him feeling burnt out. 

photo: getty images

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