Fall Is Going Be Really Hot This Year

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Better keep those sweaters in storage for a couple more months! The East coast, South, and Midwest will experience higher-than-average temperatures starting in September and lasting through November, according to The Weather Channel. The cause for this increase in temperature comes from unusual weather patterns. 

Southern states like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama will experience a cooler-than-usual September, but the rest of the country should expect to see temperatures rise above average during the month. The Southern states will get hit with hotter weather come October. 

The development of El Niño is currently not likely to occur this fall and winter, which is one of the factors considered in the temperature forecast over the next few months.

👀 just some pretty European 500 hPa geopotential heights and 850 hPa temperatures 😊 geopotential represents the height of the pressure surface above sea level, and is used ABUNDANTLY in meteorology! #hotstuff

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