Lineage // iHeartThis

It doesn't get much cooler than this... Producer Colleen has been a fan of Lineage leggings for years, so when she said she had the perfect iHeartThis from the #bestleggings ever, I had to find out more! Lineage leggings were created by Katie Pippin from right here in New Jersey with a whole lot in mind to make you look and feel more comfortable. Lineage leggings are elastic free with a high waist to keep that extra jiggle we all have contained, lightweight & have moisture wicking to wear to even the hottest yoga class and no center seam so your "lady parts" aren't on display!  I love that Lineagewear is a body positive company that supports every woman, no matter their size, on their fitness journey and they give back to various charities that make a difference!  

Their unique prints in everything from peacock to floral skull will make you the envy of your class and they come in sizing for women, maternity, kids and babies too! And now for the big reveal.... our friends at Lineage created SIGNATURE CUBBY AND CAROLINA IN THE MORNING LEGGINGS JUST FOR US!  

There's only a limited quantity so head over to Instagram, follow Lineage and KTU to win a limited edition pair today!  

To find out more about Lineage's awesome leggings and to order, head here today!

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