VIDEO: Remember When Britney Spears Smashed A Car With An Umbrella?

Ten years ago, Britney Spears attacked a photographer’s car with an umbrella.

Her weapon will be up for auction next month. The man who possesses it, Daniel Ramos, believes it’s worth 50-grand. Supposedly, he’ll give half the auction price to the charity of Britney’s choice.

In February of 2007, a child custody battle sent Britney spiraling out of control. She bolted from rehab and shaved her head. So the stalkerazzi grew in size, which pissed Britney off and accelerated her meltdown.

One evening, photographer Daniel Ramos cornered Britney at a gas station. She lashed out, smashing his Ford Explorer with a green umbrella. Ramos kept the weapon all these years. Now, it can be yours, if the price is right.

Lets celebrate TBT and watch the video...

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