The Top Most Unhealthy Restaurant Meals Of 2017

You can see the full list of the 2017 Xtreme Eating Awards winners on CSPI’s website, and below is 8 worst dishes of 2017 from lowest-to-highest total calories YIKES!!!

#8: The ‘Flying Gorilla’ milkshake from the Cheesecake Factory: 950 calories. This is a boozy milkshake with the same nutritional content as a 20-ounce Budweiser served over 5 scoops of ice cream, according to the report. The milkshake has 26 grams of saturated fat and 60 grams of added sugar.

#7: The ‘Ridiculously Awesome, Insanely Large Chocolate Cake’ from Uno Pizzeria & Grill: 1,740 calories. This item has 168 grams of added sugar and 32 grams of saturated fat.

#6: The Cheese Curd Bacon Burger from Buffalo Wild Wings: 1,950 calories. If you eat this item with a side of fries it has the caloric equivalent to FIVE Bacon Double Cheeseburgers from Burger King.

#5: The Carnivore Pizzadilla from Dave & Buster’s: 1,970 calories. This dish has a cool 4,440mg of Sodium and 67 grams of saturated fat.

#4: The Cheeseburger Omelette with Pancakes from IHOP: 1,990 calories. You could make this dish at home…but why the hell would you? A 2,310-calorie breakfast is the very definition of excess. This is the equivalent of eating FOUR McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffins that have been drenched in maple syrup. It boasts 1,005mg of Cholesterol, approximately 4-days worth of Cholesterol, and 4,580mg of Sodium.

#3: The Pasta Napoletana from the Cheesecake Factory: 2,310 calories. Ranked as the ‘worst adapted pasta’, this dish is described as if someone took a meat lover’s pizza and attempted to turn it into a pasta dish, AND THEN added heavy cream. It has 79 grams of saturated fat, and 4,370 mg of Sodium.

#2: The Ultimate Smokehouse Combo from Chili’s: 2,440 calories. This ‘choose your own adventure’ gets out of control really quickly depending on which dishes you choose. For this year’s Xtreme Eating Awards, they chose Sausage, Chicken Crispers, and the Texas Dry Rub Ribs. This dish is served on a tray because it’s actually too large to fit on a plate. It boasts 7,610mg of Sodium and 41 grams of saturated sat.

#1 The 16-ounce Prime Rib, Loaded Sweet Potato And Caesar Salad Combo From Texas Roadhouse: 2,820 calories. Here it is, the most caloric dish of 2017. The steak itself clocks in at 1,570 calories. For $.99 you can add the Loaded Sweet Potato which measures 770 calories. Choose the Caesar Salad as your second side dish and you’re looking at the most caloric plate in America!

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