New Study Shows That Radio is the Key to a Happy Pet

Is there anything worse than watching your pet suffer from the unpleasantness of stress? The answer is definitely not. It can be overwhelming trying to find out how to make your dog or cat relax, but there's actually a really simple solution to this common problem. It's been proven that musical therapy can help animals deal with all kinds of stressful situations. Classical music, especially, can lower pets' heart rates and visible signs of stress. The only problem, though, is that once dogs get used to a certain type of music it reduces the stress-relieving effects after just a few days. 

So, what do you do when classical music therapy stops working for your dog? Switch on the radio, of course! No, really. Playing different types of music from the radio can help soothe your pets when they're feeling super stressed. The Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow conducted a new study that examines radio's effect on man's best friend and the results are extremely interesting for pet owners everywhere. 

The first important finding from the study was that dogs spent more time lying down whenever any kind of music was being played. Instead of standing or running around, the dogs were more relaxed while music was playing. The dogs in the study listened to a variety of music, including soft rock, Motown, pop, reggae, and classical. The researchers noted, through special heart monitors attached to the animals, that dogs were most relaxed when soft rock and reggae was being played. This is great news if you’re a fan of Bob Marley or Ed Sheeran. Now you may have more in common with your four-legged friend than you could have ever imagined. 

Letting your pets listen to these musical genres can do so many beneficial things for them, including decreasing their blood pressure, increase endorphin levels, help with separation anxiety, deal with nose phobias like thunder and so much more. The next time your pet is totally freaking out, just remember to switch on your radio and let music save the day. 

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