VIDEO: Britney Spears Fan Rushes Stage

On Wednesday night, a fan rushed the stage at the Britney Spears' Piece of Me show.

Ironically, she’d just finished the 1999 track “You Drive Me Crazy.” This insane guy bolted from stage-left and landed a flying handspring. Britney was oblivious to the commotion behind her.

Her security team immediately jumped into action. Two of them protected Britney, while the others tackled the guy, identified as Jess Webb. It took six beefy body guards to bring down the stage crasher. The audience, angry at the interruption, started to chant “A-hole” in unison.

 In a brief panic, Britney screamed, “He’s got a gun?” But he did not. For safety's sake, the bodyguards escorted Britney back to her dressing room.

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