Who is Nick St. Clair on Riverdale? Veronica's Cute Ex is Coming to Town

Everybody is getting extremely hyped up about the upcoming second season of Riverdale. With two new trailers out in the world, fans are ready to return to the town with pep...and incest, murder, a secret drug business masquerading as a maple syrup empire. But, you know, mostly pep. Anyway! If you thought the debut season of Riverdale made your heart race, you better buckle up for season two because some major drama is headed this way.

Season one ended with the four main characters coupled off: Archie and Veronica sealed the deal, while Betty and Jughead were interrupted by the South Side Serpents before they could do the same. It seemed like Archie and Veronica were headed into a blissful relationship towards the end of the first season's finale. That is, of course, until Archie's dad was gunned down in Pop's. Could Veronica's dad be behind the hit? We have so many questions. It seems like attempted murder (or actual murder? only time will tell...)  might not be the only obstacle Archie and Veronica's blossoming relationship will face in season two. Nick St. Clair, Veronica's cute ex from New York City, is coming to Riverdale. 

Although Nick St. Clair, played by The Good Wife's Graham Phillips, has a cherubic face and adorable smile, he's definitely up to no good in Riverdale. “Nick is an old classmate of Veronica’s from New York, and despite his parent-pleasing veneer, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing: a hard-partying Lothario with dark desires and an unchecked sense of privilege," Aguirre-Sacasa told Entertainment Weekly. "His arrival in Riverdale will threaten Archie’s  relationship with Veronica, and may even put some of our characters at risk.”

Uh-oh! That so does not sound good for Varchie? That's not a great couple name. Anyway, Archie and Veronica are definitely in for a stress-filled second season. We can only hope these two young lovebirds are able to pull through and come out even stronger on the other side. 

The good news is that Phillips is only signed on for two episodes of the upcoming season. For the more optimistic fans, this might be a sign he won't be able to do too much damage. For those who understand that this is RIVERDALE for goodness sakes and nothing good ever happens, perhaps two episodes is all the dastardly Nick St. Clair needs to mess everything up for Archie and Veronica. We'll just have to wait and see. 

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