Mission To Save 200 Dogs From Puerto Needs Your Help

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A huge rescue mission is underway to save 200 dogs from kill shelters in Puerto Rico.

Several charities have teamed up to pool their resources and money to fly the dogs on Wednesday from overcrowded kill shelters in Puerto Rico to no-kill shelters on the east coast and eventually loving forever homes.

Rescue organization The Sato Project is working with The Humane Society of the United States and Wings of Rescue, which is providing two airplanes, to save the pooches from being euthanized in Puerto Rico which has a near 99% kill rate because there are too many strays and not enough shelters.

 The expensive mission carries a 130,000 price tag and the groups are still in need of more donations before tomorrow's big trip. You can help by visiting The Sato Project's crowdfunding page at YouCaring.com/TheSatoProject.

A message from my mom πŸ‘§πŸ’•: β™‘ β™‘ This dog has been very important to me. I don't know his name. He may have never been given a name. I don't know where he is or what happened to him. β™‘ β™‘ I met him on a beach in Puerto Rico almost 10 years ago. My family hails from Puerto Rico and I spent most of my summers there. This one particular summer I stayed at a hotel on the beach in Yabucoa. Every day this small beige dog would greet me with a wiggly butt and a great smile. He didn't expect anything from me, just affection. But after the first day I went and picked up cans of food. And every day I brought him a can of food and a cup of water. I struggled to think of how I could help this pup, broke as a joke out of college, with no family nearby able to care for him. One day, I walked down to the beach with food and cup in tow...but could not find him. I left the food anyway. I didn't see him again and I left back to NYC two days later with justt a few photos of him, including this one...heartbroken. β™‘ β™‘ It was this experience of feeling helpless to do anything more for him that has inspired my love and passion to help strays. I still don't have loads of resources myself to do so. But I have the drive to advocate and donate whenever I can. I know better now. There ARE things that I can do to help. There ARE people out there trying to change the fate of pups just like him. He inspired me to send an adoption application to @thesatoproject when I was ready to adopt. I didn't have a dog in mind that I wanted from them...I just knew I wanted to honor this puppy that I met on the beach so long ago. β™‘ β™‘ Please help us continue to advocate for dogs like him. You can donate to the link in our bio. You can share any of our giveaway/fundraiser flyers or photos of available rescue dogs. You can tag people on the Sato Project posts. I even encourage you to share OTHER rescues posts of available dogs and the work they are doing. 🌟 β™‘ β™‘ Thank you, thank you, thank you! For your support thus far and for all the lovely encouraging messages we've received in the past week. Keep sharing your rescue stories because you never know who you might encourage. πŸ’– Love of love, Rebecca

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