Ellen DeGeneres Is The Highest Paid Person In TV At 50 Mill

The new TV season starts next month. Some big names are pulling down big money to host reality, news and talk shows. Variety listed the top TV salaries.

Ellen DeGeneres 50 million

Judge Judith Sheindlin 47 million

Ryan Seacrest 27 million (15 million for Kelly & Ryan plus another 12 million for Idol)

Matt Lauer 25 million The Today Show

Katy Perry 25 million American Idol

Kelly Ripa 22 million

Megyn Kelly 18 million NBC News

Robin Roberts 18 million Good Morning America

Jimmy Fallon 16 million

Stephen Colbert 15 million

Jimmy Kimmel 15 million

Pat Sajak 15 million Wheel of Fortune

George Stephanopoulos 15 million Good Morning America

David Letterman 12 million for a new Netflix deal.

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