Why Don't We Play Boy Band Trivia & Sing Acapella | Interview


Why Don't We stopped by 103.5 KTU to hang out with Cubby and Carolina in the Morning. The five piece boy band is quickly becoming the most buzzed about thing in the music industry. Corbyn, Zach, Jonah, Daniel, and Jack all originally started off as solo artists before coming together to form a pretty amazing super group. Corbyn revealed that he's been lifelong friends with fellow group member Jack, while Daniel and Zach knew Jack and Corbyn from touring together during their solo careers. Thankfully, though, all five guys decided to come together to form Why Don't We. 


Now Why Don't We is blowing up in to the fame stratosphere with their song 'Something Different,' which they sang a snippet of in the studio totally acapella. They also opened up about the different personalities within the band, revealing that none of them are the "shy one."  According to Zach, though, Corbyn is definitely the "brilliant one." Don't expect any of them to leave the band to go solo again anytime soon, either. "The sixth member is the most likely to go solo," Daniel joked. "we don't have a sixth member." 

If you haven't heard of Why Don't We yet, you're bound to be hearing a lot more from them in the next few months. They're being called "the next One Direction," so, it will be exciting to see where Jack, Zach, Jonah, Corbyn, and Daniel go from here. We can't wait to hear new music and see these guys again soon.


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