Dogs Displaced By Hurricane Harvey Welcomed In New Jersey

The hurricane in Texas not only affected the people living there, but also the animals.

Luckily, people are stepping up to help, including some working for rescue shelters in New Jersey that recently welcomed 25 dogs and a kitten that were displaced because of the storm.

The dogs and the kitten arrived on a plane in Morristown, New Jersey, and were taken into custody by workers from 11th Hour Rescue and Home for Good Dog Rescue.

Some of the dogs were – understandably – nervous and scared, but volunteers tried to keep the mood festive by greeting the animals and pilots with balloons, treats and welcoming signs.

After arriving in Morristown, the animals were groomed and fed – and immediately placed into foster homes.

 There’s more work to do, of course. And, these groups of volunteers, working together hope, to rescue more animals in Texas and bring down more supplies in the days and weeks ahead.

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