Town Throws Parade For 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient

A small town in Mississippi rallied to support eight-year-old cancer patient by throwing a parade in Kaitlin Stone’s honor.

With Kaitlin’s family facing many challenges, including the financial burden of covering treatments, citizens of Big Creek, Mississippi, wanted to do something to show their support and call attention to this family in need.

So they decorated their homes, fences and mailboxes with gold foil, ribbons and wrapping paper.

And then, they surprised Kaitlin by inviting her to ride in a tractor along a parade route featuring many cars, as well as fire engines, a high school band and even a crop duster flying overhead.

As the tractor leading the procession arrived carrying Kaitlin, cheers erupted.

 After the parade was finished, those in attendance purchased crafts that Kaitlin had made, with all the proceeds going to the family so they can continue Kaitlin’s treatment.

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