Fans Want Laverne Cox and Anthony Anderson to Collaborate

Laverne Cox and Anthony Anderson instantly bonded on the Emmys red carpet on Sunday night. Their organic chemistry was so appealing to fans watching the E! pre show at home that they began taking to Twitter to share the excitement. "Anthony Anderson and Laverne Cox are delightful," one user wrote. "I would watch them interview anyone and everyone."

Fans were loving the new dynamic they brought to the pre show. One user even revealed that he preferred this new dynamic duo to previous year's hosts.

The best part of the whole encounter, though, was when Anderson invited Cox to be a guest on his hit TV show. "Anthony Anderson spontaneously inviting Laverne Cox to guest on Black-ish is why you watch the Emmys red carpet," another user added. We couldn't agree more. 

After seeing their hilarious chemistry in action at the Emmys, we need to see these two collaborate. Who do we talk to to make sure Cox gets an amazing guest role on season 4 of Black-ish?

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