Milo Ventimiglia Hinted at Jack's Fate During the Emmys Last Night

One of the biggest television mysteries is how Jack Pearson will die on NBC's hit drama This Is Us. While fans believe they will finally find out what happens to their beloved patriarch on the upcoming second season, there's really no way to know for sure. Stephen Colbert, who hosted the Emmys on Sunday night, did his best to try to find out how Jack dies by calling out the actor who brings him to life. During his opening monologue, Colbert praised network television for putting out great shows in 2016. When he got to This Is Us, he looked directly at Milo Ventimiglia and asked "but seriously Milo, you're going to die this season right?"

Milo initially just good-naturedly shrugged off Colbert's questioning so he wouldn't spoil anything from the second season. Things took a pretty hilarious turn, though, when Colbert asked about specific situations in which Jack could potentially die. The hilarious host asked whether Jack would slip in a bath tub or if his character eats bad clams. It was only when Colbert suggested that Jack gets mauled by a wayward circus lion in a convenience store that Milo knowingly tapped his nose.

While we know Jack Pearson is definitely going to meet a much more realistic (and heartbreaking) fate on This Is Us, it's certainly interesting to imagine such an elaborate end for America's favorite TV dad. This Is Us returns on Tuesday, September 26th and TBH we're not sure if we're ready. 

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