98 Degrees Talk Connecting with Fans, Upcoming Christmas Tour at KTUphoria

98 Degrees stopped by the Found in Miami interview lounge at KTUphoria to hang out with Wendy Wild and chat about their Christmas tour, loving New York, and their fans' longtime dedication. On being back in New York today for KTUPhoria, Nick Lachey said that “it’s good to be back because we did a lot of shows out here back in the day.” Nick's brother and bandmate, Drew, followed up by saying that this venue "is one of the places where we first got established."

Th guys spoke about how excited they are to hit the road for their upcoming Christmas tour. “We decided to do it again this year, our fans had a lot of fun with it…It’s such a feel good show." They also told us whether or not they're the kind of guys who leave their Christmas decorations up all year long. Hey, if Mariah Carey can do it, so can 98 Degrees. 

One of the best parts of heading out on tour for Nick, Drew, Justin and Jeff is that their longtime fans - who grew up with the band - are now bringing their kids along to the shows. "It’s becoming a family tradition," they said. 

 While speaking about being able to stay in the music industry all these years, Jeff said that they "feel blessed, it’s such a tough business, for us to be here 20 years later."

They also revealed what their favorite song to perform is, even doing a short acapella performance right in the middle of the interview.

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