Charlie Puth Reveals His Pre-Show Routine at KTUphoria

cstopped by the Found in Miami interview lounge at KTUphoria to hang out with Hollywood Hamilton and chat about how he gets ready for all his shows. Charlie is used to playing for big crowds, of course, but that doesn’t mean he’s slacking off before he hits the stage. In order to hit all those high notes, Charlie does a few vocal warm-ups before he performs. Charlie even showed Hollywood Hamilton his exact pre-show routine, revealing that the practice vibrates the mucous membranes off his throat. The more you know!

Charlie’s pre-show routine doesn’t just consist of his vocal warm-ups, though. He told Hollywood that he likes to have a pretty chill day before taking the stage. He likes to start his day with a shower and then he hangs out before hyping up for the show. It makes sense that he wouldn’t want to do anything too crazy on a show day so he can bring it all during his set.

Even though he keeps it low key before shows, it can still get draining out there. He talked about how grateful he is for his fans passion because he can take a breath and they’ll take over for him. They know every last word to Charlie’s songs and they sing out throughout the whole concert. Charlie even joked that if the fans didn’t sing along at KTUphoria he would cry and leave early.

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