Enrique Iglesias Opens Up About Life as a New Father at KTUphoria

Enrique Iglesias stopped by the Found in Miami Interview Lounge at KTUphoria to hang out with Hollywood Hamilton. The two chatted about Enrique's life as a father to his 5-month-old twins Nicholas and Lucy, as well as the fact that he'll be celebrating his first father's day on Sunday. While he's loving the dad life, Enrique admitted that having twins can be pretty hard at times. "A lot of people ask me, it’s so tough. Their mom is the real superhero. My first time was twins so I don’t really know the difference."

He also spoke about what type of father he hopes to be, saying “I don’t know. Hopefully, a good father and raise them properly. Everybody raises their children the way they want."

Enrique revealed the key to staying drama free, as well, with his wife Anna Kournikova. Even though their a high profile, celebrity couple, he says they have a normal relationship like anybody else. "Anna is the coolest, she supports what I do," he says. "There’s good days and there’s bad days."

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