Ne-Yo Talks Welcoming New Baby, Releasing 'Good Man' at KTUphoria

Ne-Yo stopped by the Found in Miami Interview Lounge at KTUphoria to hang out with Wendy Wild, Lulu, and Lala. He was in a great mood because he and his wife just welcomed a brand new baby on Thursday. "They told that Sunday was a deadline," he said. "We went in Thursday for a regular checkup and they told us are you ready to have a baby?” 

When asked how hands-on he is with his newborn, Ne-Yo surprised the ladies of KTU by saying that he’s pretty much in charge this time around. “It’s all me…Wifey had to have a c-section so she’s in recovery.” The dad-of-four is helping with his newborn baby around the clock, which includes changing diapers and warming bottles.

A new baby isn't the only change in Ne-Yo's life these days, though, because he also just dropped his new album Good Man. “The album is out, the response has been really really good…I had both my babies in a matter of two weeks” he joked. 

Ne-Yo spoke about his role as a judge on NBC's World of Dance, saying contestants “have to impress me if I’m going to be responsible for you winning a Million Dollars.” He talked about the dynamic between him and co-star Jennifer Lopez, saying they "disagreed a lot more this season than last year.” He also told us that co-host Derek Hough would most likey win a dance competition between all three judges. We'd love to see that happen one day. 

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