Pitbull Reveals He's Collaborating with Britney Spears and Marc Anthony

Pitbull hung out in the Found in Miami Interview Lounge with Lulu and Lala at KTUphoria on Saturday night. He spoke about what it was like to share the stage with his friend Enrique Iglesias to perform their new song Move to Miami live for the first time ever.  He said the energy the crowd served up was amazing. “It’s always great to be out here in Jones Beach," Pitbull said. "My life is Euphoria.”

Move to Miami isn't the only new music Pitbull has on deck, either. He revealed he has a collaboration with Britney Spears and Marc Anthony coming out called "I Feel So Free With You," which is sure to be epic. He described the track as “volcanic” and now we're counting down until we can hear it. 

The new track with Britney makes sense because he's about to head out on tour with the Queen of Pop soon. While speaking about how he ended up joining Britney on tour, Pitbull said“it came about because we started the Vegas shows together.  I’m a big fan."

He surprised some fans at Jimmy Buffet's musical Escape To Margaritaville on Broadway on Friday and Pitbull said he got to hang with the man himself, Jimmy Buffet.  “I took off my shoes with him, it was an honor.  We had a mother effing great time.”

 He also talked about working with John Travolta on the new Gotti movie. “We did one of the Gotti songs, John gave us the opportunity. John Gotti was one of the first street celebrities ever in America.”

Thanks for hanging out, Pitbull!!

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