Shaggy Says Sting Does a "Mean" Version of 'It Wasn't Me'

Sting and Shaggy stopped by the Found in Miami interview lounge at KTUphoria to hang out with Cubby and Carolina. The iconic duo talked about how they met - joking that they actually met on Tinder - and what it's like working with your best friend. For Sting, while it's great to work his friend, his favorite part about collaborating with Shaggy is that he considers him to be a genius. According to Stiny, Shaggy can write a song about anything. To prove his point, Shaggy was challenged to make up a song about Carolina on the spot and he did. 

Sting has no problem talking up his good friend, however, when it comes to his own impressive list of accomplishments, he comes across as extremely shy. Since Sting is so modest, Shaggy takes on the burden of bragging for him.

Sting also talked about the first Shaggy song he'd ever heard, which was Oh, Carolina. The duo also broke down what their concert is going to be like when they're on the road together. While some fans thought they would each perform their own sets, as well as their collaborations, Sting & Shaggy said they'll be on stage together the whole time. They will each perform the other's songs as a duo. Shaggy even went on to call Sting's version of his iconic song It Wasn't Me mean. They performed it for the first time on the KTUphoria stage. 

They also talked about how they stay fit, as well. For Sting, a routine of swimming, cycling, and always taking the stairs helps him stay fit and young. 

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