KTU Throwback Weekend

It’s a KTU Throwback Weekend with your chance to win your very own shore house for Labor Day Weekend! We're hooking you up with tickets to the some of the hottest shows happening at NYC and NJ shores + you'll qualify to win the keys to a shore house on the Jersey Shore!

Wining Times: 

Friday: 8:15a, 12:40pm, 6:20-6:40p, 9:20-9:40p

Saturday: 10:20-10:40a, 12:20-12:40p, 1:20-1:40p, 4:20-4:40p, 6:20 to 6:40pm, 8:20-8:40p 

Sunday: 11:20-11:40a, 12:20-12:40p, 1:20-1:40p, 3:20-3:40p, 5:20-5:40p

For another chance to win click here

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