5 Places You’ll Feel Free In Curacao

As the cold weather rolls in, your mind can't help but wander to warmer places. We know that you would like need a getaway, but planning a vacation is hard! There are so many choices! First off, where do you even go? The requirements are obvious: warm weather, relaxing beaches, fun activities, and rich culture! Why not go to some place that has it all: Curaçao.

Curaçao is a Dutch island in the Caribbean, located 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela. The island is known for its breathtaking beaches and vast coral reefs. The capital, Willemstad features colorful buildings with European-style architecture, great for any history buff. Curaçao is rich in culture, it feature 55 different nationalities. Locals can usually speak four different languages. You'll fall in love with the shores and history of Curaçao. 

Here are the top 5 places you'll feel free in Curaçao:

1. Porto Marie

This white sand beach is the perfect place to scuba dive or snorkel with local marine life.

2.  Cas Abou Beach 

Both locals and tourists favor this beach, it's the perfect place to relax.

3. Handelskade

Check out this picturesque stretch of pier located in Curaçao's capital, Willemstad. You will feel like you stepped into a postcard.

4. Playa Lagun

This beach is tucked between gray cliffs and it great for snorkeling in the calm waters to look at schools of squid and sea turtles.

5. Christoffel National Park

You can take a scenic drive through this national park, but the BEST way to experience it is to hike on one of it's 8 hiking trails. You can climb to the top of Christoffel Mountain (pictured below) in two to three hours. 

6. Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

Known as the "Swinging Old Lady," this floating pedestrian bridge connects WIllemstad's two halves.

I don't know about you, but we're ready to book our trip NOW to Curaçao! What are you waiting for? Feel it for yourself. 

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