Miley Cyrus Reveals She Wants To Collaborate With Britney Spears Again

The legendary Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson stopped by the KTU studios today to talk about their new single "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart." Before we air the FULL interview tomorrow, we wanted to give you a sneak peek! Miley and Mark answered some fan questions and talked about their upcoming Saturday Night Live performance, this Saturday, December 15.

Jackie from Bellmawr says you and Britney Spears have the same manager, and you said in the past you would love to collaborate with Britney, will that ever happen?

We did a song on Bangerz called "SMS (Bangerz)," and it was one of the best experiences ever and I would definitely do it again. But someone, Jackie, didn't listen to the Bangerz record because there is one. So you gotta go, I think it's $7 on iTunes, I'm sure it's cheap now because it's old, but you gotta go get it. We did collaborate together, but I would definitely do it again. If you notice I'm the first person that comments on every photo she posts, I'm her biggest fan.

It's been years since the Bangerz tour, will you hit the road in 2019, maybe with Mark?

I think it would probably be later in the year or early 2020 just because I really like to take my time when releasing new music. I'll definitely put out a record next year, but when and how is still up in the air for me because I never like to feel that pressure or think too far ahead. I think timing is everything as it's kinda shown with this song. 

Later, Miley and Mark revealed that not only will the be performing "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart," for the first time, they also will be performing a Christmas song, "War Is Over."

I hope everyone will stay up late and watch SNL and get to celebrate Christmas with us because I think this cover of "War Is Over" is going to be really special - especially with the lyrics and what they mean to us right now in the kind of politic climate we're in, I think it's going to be really amazing.  

We can't wait to watch SNL! You can catch Miley and Mark on Cubby and Carolina In The Morning tomorrow at 7:20am

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