Miley Cyrus Revealed Mark Ronson Helped Her Find Her Sound

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson joined Cubby and Carolina to chat about their brand new single "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart." During our interview, Miley revealed that her and Mark have great chemistry and working together has helped her find the sound that she always wanted to find. 

"Last time I was here with ya'll I was doing the Younger Now album, and it was obviously little more country influence, but I felt like I still really loved pop music and I love music that can be played at the club and kids can dance to. I felt like that wasn't exactly the home for me. I think that Mark kinda helped me carve out my sound where I could do everything that I want. I could do modern/ new, and create something.. the thing I love about this song is that people said it reminded them of something that they love, but they've almost never heard anything like it before, but it still feels classic at the same time. I just feel like we were a perfect match."

We couldn't agree more and we are LOVING the new track!

Watch Miley and Mark's full interview with Cubby and Carolina in the Morning in it's entirety above! 

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