Why Don't We Performs At Our KTU Holiday House Party Presented By DeLonghi

On Tuesday December 18th, we hosted our annual KTU Holiday House Party presented by DeLonghi at the Highline Ballroom and we had a blast! Our special guest this year was boyband Why Don't We and the crowd loved every minute of their performance.  

Why Don't We fans are extremely dedicated. The entire event sold out in less than 12 hours, we received a high volume of callers trying to win their way in, and some girls even camped outside to get the perfect spot in the general admission pit! One of the highlights of the night was surprising fans with meet and greets after they camped 20 hours on the streets of New York City to see the band. Talk about commitment! 

After meet and greets, DJ Raphael Valentino, Cubby and CarolinaLulu and Lala, Wendy Wildand Bartel, hyped the crowd up to see the band perform. 

Finally, Why Don't We performed and it was everything their fans dreamed of! They got us in the holiday spirit with a cover of "Feliz Navidad." We loved watching their interactions with the crowd and each other! Maybe we can make this a tradition? Check out some more highlights below and we'll see everyone next year at our KTU Holiday House Party!

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