NYC No Pants Subway Ride 2019 - Everything You Need To Know

Let's all be honest with each other for a second... the best time of the day is when you can go home and take your pants off. What's better than walking around in your underwear?

Coming up this weekend on Sunday, January 13, 2019, you don't have to limit the joy of pantless life to your home! Take it to the subways for the 18th Annual No Pants Subway Ride! 

Everyone is invited to this event and there are only two requirements: you must be willing to take your pants off on the subway and you must keep a straight face! 

The event takes place on Sunday, January 13, 2019 promptly at 3pm. There are 6 meeting points all over the city:

  1. Astoria: Meet at Hoyt Playground
  2. Brooklyn: Meet by the Old Stone House
  3. Downtown Manhattan: Meet at Foley Square
  4. Lower East Side: Meet at Sarah Roosevelt Park on Houston
  5. Uptown Manhattan: Meet at the Great Hill in Central Park 
  6. Williamsburg / Bushwick: Meet at Maria Hernandez Park

Everyone is required to bring a backpack and metro card. Once you go to said meeting points, you will divided into groups, and instructed of your subway route. Each group will be assigned a specific route AND train car. You must act naturally and not interact with one another. You don't know each other when you're underground. The key to this is the element of surprise. As soon as you board the trains and the subway doors close, immediately take your pants off and put them into your backpack. 

After you exit the train at the assigned stop, you will wait, pantless on the track for your next train to arrive, entering the exact car you boarded on the last train. Do not ruin the fun by taking photos and documenting your entire pantless journey, live in the moment and enjoy making people laugh! 

Remember to keep the underwear appropriate and have fun! There will be an official after party at Bar 13. Check out the video from last year's No Pants Subway Ride below:

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