Tattoo Stories - The Good, The Bad, And The Judgements

Have you ever gotten a tattoo that your parents made you feel guilty about? Well you are not alone. Plenty of people are getting tattoos nowadays, 38 percent of young people ages 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo, to be exact. Yet we STILL have to explain to reason with our parents, grandparents or friends to get one.... Well after listening to the Life in Spanglish about tattoo judgement we asked people to send in their tattoo judgement stories. Can you relate?

Here are their stories:

I got a tramp stamp of a butterfly tattoo... I tried to hide it from my grandparents... but summer came and was in my bathing suit and my grandpa says, WHAT DO YOU HAVE ON YOUR BACK? I screamed in shock like I had a bug of some sorts on me, and he said, it’s a TATTOO!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????? Why would you DO THATThey both were so disappointed in me and didn’t talk to me for about a month. Then finally, I went over to talk to them and said it was to honor my favorite singer, Mariah Carey. They didn’t care, but they knew I couldn’t remove it. So they sucked it up and let it go. But they were so mad at me….and I felt bad to disappoint them again, but I said HEY, it’s my body! 

-Judy, 32

Personally I will tell you, I am not a judgey person. I actually dated a guy that had sleeves and a neck tattoo, but when I brought him home... she like couldn't believe that I would bring someone into the house like that.

- Carolina Bermudez

Went to Malibu for first time, wanted to pretend I was rich, rented a Jag convertible, drove down PCH (pretending I was rich). Thought – what if I embrace this edgy rich gal lifestyle?? Googled closest tattoo shop with good reviews (really wanted to embody cool rich edgy gal), drove up.. put my name on a waiting list for a ‘walk in’… went across street with boyfriend and drank beers while discussing tattoo options..

3 hours later I have random circle on my arm for “karma” (trash) and my boyfriend has a wiener dog on his thigh.

Whatever though

-Holly, 29

I remember my mom seeing my tattoos, crying and asking how am I going to ever get a real job, like a banker. She now loves them… mostly because I am employed.

-Gabe, 26

My mom tells me I'm going straight to hell for having tattoos. She says that in the bible it says that any man that has been tattooed or like has marked their bodies can not enter into the kingdom of God.

- Honey German

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