Someone Made A Mashup With Twenty One Pilots And Linkin Park: Listen

When you think of a mashup, the first names that come to mind probably aren't Linkin Park or Twenty One Pilots, but they did for a YouTube user named Kill_mR_DJ mashups who decided to mesh two of their hits with Marshmello's "Wolves." The result is "Talking to Wolves," an EDM laden track that heavily features vocals from Linkin Park's "Talking to Myself" (hence the title). The melody from Twenty One Pilots' "Heavydirtysoul" comes in during the chorus, and matches up perfectly with Chester Bennington's voice. There's also an additional drum beat taken from Twenty One Pilots' "Fairly Local."

Aside from splicing the songs together, video footage was also expertly edited to create a compelling visual counterpart to the track. Listen to "Talking to Wolves" below.


Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda recently gave Twenty One Pilots his stamp of approval while chatting with Kerrang!. "I think they are great. Their new record [Trench] was one of those albums where I started out not being super into it, but the more I listened, the more I liked it," he explained. "A lot of my favourite favourite albums were that way. I don’t know if Trench will become one of those, but I know that Tyler and Josh are very talented, and I really respect what they do.”

Does this mean there could be a Mike Shinoda/Twenty One Pilots collaboration in the future? We can only hope.

Photo: Getty Images


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