Carolina Reveals Hot Greg T Avoided A Speeding Ticket

Today's Hot Topic was about the different ways people avoid getting tickets while driving.

Carolina revealed how Greg T recently got out of a speeding ticket. “So yesterday, Greg T walks into the studio. And in a smug little troll way, he comes in and says ‘oh yeah I almost got pinched today.'

And I said ‘what?’

And he goes ‘yeah I almost got pulled over, by a state trooper. Wanna know what I did? I said to him, hey man you might now me. I’m Greg T.’

I said ‘you’re kidding me… you dropped your name to get out of a ticket? Did he let you go?'"

Carolina continued, "I have never gotten out of a ticket. I feel like I would be so embarrassed if I gave my name and said 'oh officer you might know who I am.'"

Click the video above to watch the full hot topic!

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