Haunted Gym Equipment Moves On Its Own As Perplexed Police Watch On

Police get many strange calls through the night, but most wind up just being a drunk person or a wild animal. However, the call some officers got this week might be giving them nightmares for a long time to come. The authorities in India were dispatched to Kashiram Park in Jhansi because the outdoor gym equipment there was moving by itself.

Video footage of the cops shows them staring in disbelief as the shoulder press machine moves up and down as though someone were getting a vigorous workout, except no one was on it. Many officers just stood and watched it while others took out their phones to film the paranormal activity.

Towards the end of the clip, the machine begins to lose momentum and slow down. This has led police to believe the eerie incident is just a prank - that someone greased up the machine and set it in motion. However, others are certain that the park is haunted. If that is the case, those spirits are probably pretty fit.

Photo: YouTube

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