Five-Year-Old Boy Attacks, Throws Toy Car At Armed Robbers In His Home

Authorities in Indiana are praising the bravery of a five-year-old boy who tried to fight off armed robbers who broke into his home. Police said that four men stormed into the boy's house on September 30. The authorities released surveillance camera footage from the incident, hoping the public can help identify the suspects.

In the disturbing video, the men forced their way into the home after another child answered the door. Two of the men can be seen entering the living room with guns drawn.

"What you seeing was me ironing our clothes, getting our clothes, ready to start our day," Tamika Reid told WSBT. "You would hear me saying, 'what is that!'"

As one of the robbers pointed the gun at Reid, the young boy started to hit one of the intruders. He then picked up a toy car and threw it towards the man, and continued to strike him as the four men entered another room in the home.

"I'm just, my whole thing was my hero right here. He was trying to hit the guys. My thing was I need to get him out of the house before they do something to my son," said Reid.

Officials said the gunmen fired off multiple shots as they fled from the house but luckily, nobody was injured. The robbers did not take anything from the home.

"A lot of people are saying this little boy is so brave and he deserves a gold star, and that's true, he was extremely brave in this situation," said Christine Karsten, South Bend police spokeswoman. "But no little boy, nobody, in general, should have to go through something like this, so it's really important we get those who are responsible for this heinous crime off the streets."

Photo: South Bend Police Department